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Homelessness is defined as not having a permanent home or place of residence.

Homelessness is the lack of a place to live or sleep especially during the night. Homeless people do not have proper housing, security and most of them sleep in different places depending on various conditions.

Causes of Homelessness

There are several situations that can lead to an individual or a family becoming homeless. Let’s take a look at some of the most common causes. Some of the causes of homelessness are:

Loss of income: When there is a decrease in income in the home, the individual or family may not be able to afford their housing costs any longer. The loss of income in the home can also lead to living in poverty.

Poverty: While the definition of poverty varies from country to country, in Nigeria, an individual is considered to be living in poverty if he or she has an income below the poverty threshold, which is if he/she earns below N50,000 monthly.  Poverty and homelessness have a direct link. People who live in poverty are unable to pay for the everyday items they need to survive, such as food, housing, childcare, education, or health care.

But homelessness may be a concern even for families that do not fall below the poverty line, if they can’t find affordable housing. Affordable housing is limited in cities and states across a nation, especially in major urban areas where rent is higher and property is less available for sale.

Low-income housing are units in which the rent is subsidized or lowered. Many cities and states have housing available with lowered rent rates. The utilities are also subsidized so that the family or individual can afford to pay for everyday items. However, there are typically limited units available, and the funding for the units may also be limited. Also, most times the interest placed on such houses are way too much.

It should be noted that homelessness also has a direct connection to violence in the home. Men, women, children, and the elderly can be subjected to different types of abuse. This can include sexual, psychological, or physical abuse. In the case of children or the elderly, it can also include neglect. When a person is the victim of any type of violence, they are often faced with the choice of staying in an abusive environment or leaving the home. When the victim leaves the home, they often have nowhere to go and

become homeless and most of the time, are being negatively influenced.

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