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People often take for granted the impact of having separated parents on children. Individuals
from broken homes are highly impressionable and the effects of what they have witnessed
during childhood are conventionally carried with them into adulthood. 

Results showed that women and men from divorced families were more often divorced or separated at the age of 32 years than those from non divorced families. However, parental divorce was associated with poorer intimate relationship quality only among women. Women from divorced families also had poorer relationships with their father and mother in adolescence, and they had lower self-esteem and satisfaction with social support in adulthood than women from intact families. No such associations were found among men. The impact of parental divorce on intimate relationship quality among women was partially mediated by mother-daughter relationship, self-esteem, and satisfaction with social support. The mediating role of mother-daughter relationship was not direct, however, but was mediated via self-esteem and satisfaction with social support. Findings indicate that parental divorce affects daughters more than sons. In the context of parental divorce, the mother-daughter relationship in adolescence is important for the development of later psychosocial resources and, via them, for intimate relationship quality.

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Some of the causes of a broken are:

Poverty or Money Troubles: one of the greatest cause of broken homes in Nigeria has been poverty. Even before now, men that are still struggling find it difficult to get married to women of their choice and now it’s even worse as no lady is ready to settle down for less despite the fact there are more ladies than women world wide. Some ladies even prefer to be a second, third or even fourth wife if need be than marry a poor person

2) Death: aside poverty, death is another reason for broken homes as family members especially from the husband’s side want to reap where they didn’t sow when the father or head of the family is no more. In a situation where there are many wives, it gets worse.

Also, loosing one or both parents could lead the children into depression and exhibiting low self-esteem.

3) Divorce: When marriages are done not the way they’re to be done, divorce is inevitable and that amounts to broken homes as the husband is likely to marry another woman or the wife another person and this results to broken home.

4) Desertation: the possible desertation of the home by either of the parent without help, proper communication or support to the other or the children can lead to broken home as several thoughts may be coming to the mind of the person left at home (wives especially).

5) Separation: Separation here entails couple who may for any of the reasons want to be on their own and leave the other partner which he/she may not be able to take care of the child/children and then some may decide to stay apart and still be together but this seriously left the family exposed and with possibility of becoming broken homes.

6) Prolonged Absence: prolonged absence of the wife or the husband for either business, school, work, etc may also lead to the home becoming broken as a result of spouses becoming exposed to other people/partners.

7) Differences in Background or Religion: this is yet another reason why we are experiencing several broken homes in Nigeria and it has become rampant hence it’s not easy for some of our ladies and or guys to cope with people from other background based on their religion or tribes and or due to their nature and attitudes.

8) Wrong Basis of Marriage: the basis for which a marriage was established also have a lot to do with whether or not the man or woman will be in the marriage for a long period of time. Basis like pregnancy, pity, circumstances like poverty or not having the basic necessities to meet ones desire, etc.

9) Interference of Relatives: many relatives have a say or two in marriages and this goes a long way to making some homes becoming broken. Some may be against the wife for a reason or the other while some may be against the husband and this has also been a strong cause of broken homes.

10) Ill health: Some husbands or wives decide to go their separate ways when they’re sick and they feel they can’t cope with such conditions and this has a correlation with broken homes.

11) Occupational Faults: some occupations are time demanding and consuming. If this happens and the wife or husband is impatient, it results to broken home.

12) Sexual Incompatibility or Infertility: some homes become broken as a result of the inability of the man or the woman to sexually satisfy the partner. It’s also seen where many homes have become broken due to Infertility from either partners.

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